Ilegal way to Process china work visa.

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With more and more foreigners come to china ,and working in china as teacher or other job ,they want to stay in china for long time and do not want to go out of china every 30/60/90 days.According to the current visa policy,If For business or tourist visa not more than 30/60/90 days need go out of china ,this duration time can not remove.this is china visa policy rules.Actually for one year china visa every 90 /60 days Now can be finished in china For some of countries,it will be the easy and Convenient way to get the china visa for most of countries.

But if hold the work visa can stay in china for long time such as one year stay,no need go out of china every 30 /60/90 days.But for work visa need some documents from china company,And also notice that the company who provide the work visa ,need the foreigner worked in this company.if you are not worked in the company,and the other company prepared the documents to do work visa for foreigner,then it is illegal,once catch by policy need to be fine.When apply for china visa,if under the visa agency help ,most of things will be clear and easy for you.Prepared documents from visa agency ,they know how to behavior normal and legal,How to do the work visa for you big chance to successfully,and the invitation letter will be official if by visa agency prepared ,If the first time to do it ,advice can use visa agency.

This china work visa experience was shared by my old customer who worked in Beijing,he worked in Beijing A school,and was done the china work visa by B school in Beijing ,But actually he worked in A school,and one of the Beijing visa agency helped him get the work visa successfully through B school documents.But he was asked by the policy in school someday ,and the policy say that it was illegal,Publish is cancel the work visa,give him the 10 days china visa out side of china ,and visa agency published for rmb10000.

As visa agency ,must know how to be professional about china visa service help .know how to be provide the good and security for foreigner about china visa ,our office based in Shenzhen ,about work visa Z visa ,if your company is in Shenzhen ,we will take every step to be prepared good documents for you ,apply for work visa successfully.our visa service hot line is 075588824033,Wechat ID:Mychinavisa

If you have any other comment ,welcome to add your comment ,Let us know more information about china visa issue,and let us know how to slove it.

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