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Chinese visa is a permit issued to a foreigner by the Chinese visa authorities for entry into, exit from or transit through the Chinese territory.

The Chinese visa authorities may issue a diplomatic, courtesy, service or ordinary visa to a foreigner according to his identity, purpose of visit to China and passport type.

Since Sep of 2013 year ,Business F visa have been changed the name to M visa,now business is apply for M visa. Foreigner holding M business visa lived in China for business,research, lecture, scientific-technological and culture exchanges,

If you have been married with chinese man or girl ,then Q2 visa will be the best choice to do ,because for Q2 visa now have 2 years of Q2 visa with multi entries every 180 days,price is very cheap

If you just visiting some place in china ,then to do tourist is ok

If you worked in china ,Business visa will be the best choice,but you also have another choice that can apply for work visa.

Work visa will be linked to the company ,this will require that the company have the ability to do work visa for foreigners.

For china visa ,there will have limited time to stay in china each time you enter into china.not more than 30 or 60 or 90 days go out of china,

Some foreigners say that may i remove it ?how can i remove it ?may i not go out of china every 30or 60 or 90 days?the answer is that no you can not remove it .

Double or multiple entry visas (either an L or M) issued by overseas Chinese Embassies, Consulates,

visa offices usually have limitations of each stay. The limit can NOT be removed in China since December 2004. Instead you can apply for a new M issued by Public Security Bureau.

Your previous L or M will be canceled since you can NOT have two valid visas simultaneously. THAT'S CHINA can help you do that.

Because i only worked in visa agency about student visa we did not do it ,so not know more information about X visa,

If you have any updated good comment suggestions about how to what kind of visa good to apply?welcome to add comment ,will be very appreciated that,thanks

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