beijing short job one month get 10000rmb salary

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Beijing Super Carnival



The event is called Beijing Super Carnival。August will be held in Beijing Bird's Nest.That there will be a lot of foreign friends coming.It is your job to make them responsible for the reception and guide them.and help them.Make them feel happy and satisfied.sure,hope u enjoy the work first.You need to work 8 hours a day,we will have lunch and drinks.Weekly day of rest, for one month.At the end you will get 10,000rmb salary.

We appreciate your help.So,after recruiting foreigners to 10,I will take with you to see the person in charge of the project and signed a work contract a month,This is part of a regular job, you do not have to worry about any problems. We will deal with it

.Those who decided to accept the job of friends,Please contact me on We Chat. my id is yue-379.Meet that day, please bring a copy of your passport and a passport, we need for you to apply for a work permit and registration.We will arrange a simple training as soon as possible.Then this August you can come to work.We very much hope that you are happy to work here.

The following web link is to promote this project, you can look, but is in Chinese.

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