Easternbeauty star recruit brokers beauty

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Easternbeauty star recruit brokers beauty

An assistant secretary
Requirements: Age 20-26 years old, height 170 or more, and looks beautiful sexy body, high white best, educated thinking, honest

kind, sensible understand science, open-minded, not London laity, the real man does not love the loading force, really clever do

not play small smart, gentle and considerate, careful and responsible work, heavy integrity. Occasionally like to enjoy together

the best stimulate excitement pleasures of life!
Responsibilities: Development Resources beautiful, beautiful selection of cooperation to assist hair living arrangements work,

customer contact and business negotiations, arrangements need Presbyterian aspects of life!
Salary: 20,000 + fixed wage work incentives, according to the specific conditions of the other talk about talent. Conditional

agreement intends beauty Contact WeChat: jacky76111

Packaging cooperation model three
Specific requirements: between the ages of 18-25 years old, height between 170-185, the image of a beautiful unique, slim or

sexy, open-minded avant-garde, has a charming beauty or beautiful seductive feminine flair, and his good character, integrity,

sensible to understand science, motivated dedication, ingenuity obedient, doing practical and pragmatic.
Easternbeauty give 200,000 yuan steady monthly income protection, garbage million cases of work do not participate in the

activities, Easternbeauty active work by 4 \ 6 distribution, the circle of peers work activities performed in public circles

allocation method implemented;

Fixed hair beauty alive cooperation (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Macau) each year five
Type needs beauty as follows:
A high white honey big fan of beauty: height 170 or more tall sexy plump, soft white skin firmness, gentle nuances temperament!
Second, the supermodel beautiful temperament: Height 176 / 182cm, tall, sexy beauty, elegant and generous, gentle and sexy

fashion taste!
Third, the chest chest Pa beauty of God: true original ecological chest, real F, G cup, height 166/176 about beauty!
Fourth, the characteristics of beauty:
Sisters, twins, stars and other unique characteristics of beauty substitute, as the case may be planning a single high-fat!
Note: The above Easternbeauty beauty needs talent, if for those who cooperate in good faith, please contact Easternbeauty WeChat

specific negotiations. No. WeChat: Chen13621000097, or cast biographical and photos to us. Email: easternbeauty@live.cn

Easternbeauty brokerage

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Chen Jacky



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