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Hi Parents,

I am Adam from the UK, living and working in Beijing, on my soccer school and currently homeschooling programs. Classes are Monday to Friday 9am to 12:30pm. My current student has no advanced enough to be able to attend International schooling. The year before I had an American and a Scandinavian student.

I tutor students to work through K-1-2-3-4 and the classes are structured to be very vocal, and the past students have gone on to be great classroom students.

Chinese students who want to gain a high level of English.

Parents that will be in Beijing for only a year or two, needn't spend lots of money on international schooling

Local Chinese that will emigrate to the US, UK, AUS. its good chance to get your child into a more western education.

Homeschooling is a great opportunity;

In our homeschool, we are able to focus in on our the child's weaknesses. When she doesn't understand something, we have the freedom to go over it until they do. In government schools, the teachers do not have this liberty. They teach the best they can, and go on to the next thing. There are bound to be children who just do not understand something; unfortunately, they are lost in the shuffle. At best, the teacher hopes they will "pick it up" during the next year.

Another difference is that we do not have to deal with the discipline problems of a few children. In community or international schools, this can take lots of time (some things even hours); the rest of the children are put on hold while the troubles are resolved.

We, as homeschoolers, are free to use the methods that work for us. If a textbook approach is boring and inadequate for our daughter, we are free to use hands-on activities, games, living books, etc. This would not work in a government school setting--too time-consuming and expensive.

Below are some grade 2/3 workbooks that students will work on:
• Adding and subtraction, whole numbers
• Linear measures and area
• Multiplication and division
• Fractions and decimals
• Geometry
• Measurement and data
• Probability and estimation
• Narrative stories
• Fantasy
• Non-Fiction
• Information essay
• Realistic Faction
• Sentence formation
• Start middle and end
• Character study
• Fantasy
• Non0Faction
• Realistic fiction
• Biography
• Folk tales, fables and legends
• Book reports

• Planet Earth
• Space and planets
• Earths formations
• Plant and animal cycles
• Habitats
• Oceans and its creatures
• Energy all around us

• Ancient Egypt
• America
• Romans
• Legends
• Vikings

• Continents
• Characteristics of places and regions
• Environment
• Maps and globes
• Water cycle

• Football
• Badminton
• Athletics

So far I have had 3 students of a year each and they have developed very quickly and have studied through the curriculum in half the time a normal classroom would.

Any questions for me, feel free to let me know.

Adam James Ferry

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