Hosted by: Red Gate Gallery


Curator: Reg Newitt

Opening: 3 – 5 pm, Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

Exhibition Dates: April 22nd – May 7th, 2017

Gallery Address: Dongbianmen Watchtower, 9 Chongwenmen Dongdajie, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Contact: Brian Wallace
Tel: +86 137 0107 8721
E-mail: brian@redgategallery.com

策展人: 牛睿智

开幕时间:2017年4月22日 星期六 下午 3 - 5点

展览时间:2017年4月22日 - 5月7日


电话:+86 10 6525 1005

Red Gate Gallery and EDGE projects have pleasure in inviting you to the exhibition opening on Saturday 22nd April 2017, 3 - 5 pm

Red Gate Gallery (Beijing), in collaboration with EDGE projects (Lisbon & London), will present an international cultural exchange of contemporary art involving Chinese and British artists.

红门画廊与EDGE项目诚邀您于2017年4月22日下午3 - 5点参加展览虚极之理的开幕酒会。此次展览由红门画廊与EDGE项目共同合作,推出聚焦国际文化语境融合的当代艺术群展——虚极之理,共计8位中英两国艺术家的多件作品参展。

The eight artists – four British and four Chinese – have establishedreputations as contemporary artists working in a range of media with adiversity of practice.

The artists are:
Wayne Warren (UK), Ren Han (PRC), Cindy Ng Soi Ieng (Macau/ PRC), Feng Yan (PRC), Andy Holden (UK), Wang
Zhiyuan (PRC), Cornfordand Cross (UK).

本次参展艺术家的阵容包括4名华裔艺术家和4位英籍艺术家,他们在多媒介交互实践领域的创作早已声名远播。他们分别是:Wayne Warren (英国), 任瀚(中国), 吴少英(中国/澳门), 封岩(中国), Andy Holden(英国), 王智远(中国)Cornford 和 Cross(英国)。

Many of the eight artists have had experiences – eg studying, exhibiting – ineach of the two cultures. The works represent an international style, whilealso assuming a sense of their particular cultural source. For example, the inkworks of Cindy Ng and Ren Han contain reference to traditional Chinese inkpainting without overtly adhering to the styles of the past.


The idea of what constitutes ‘reality’, in terms of human existence in theworld, has always been a subject of philosophical and psychological positionsinherited or adopted by individuals or groups – religious, political, social,academic.
The Japanese author, Haruki Murakami, constantly crosses the dividebetween the ‘tangible, everyday’ reality and the subconscious spiritual world,which may be a form of utopia, or dystopia, or both intersecting - memories,supernatural imaginings, fears and aspirations all lead to metaphysical statesof being in which supposed concrete barriers are dissolved or impregnated sothat one is transposed to ‘another world’ – a virtual reality.


The artworks selected by the curator, Reg Newitt (EDGE projects), to addressthe idea of the unknown, do so in many different forms – includingnon-representational and figurative; painting, photomedia, copper sheet,lenticular and video.

由 EDGE 项目策展人 Reg Newitt 选择的作品,将这个命题引向新的未知,试图通过包括绘画、摄影、铜版雕、立体光栅、影像等媒介,实现非具象且象征性的表达。

The exhibition will open on Saturday 22nd of April and continue until Sunday 7th of May 2017.




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