I bet you have never seen a Qipao party like this!

I bet you have never seen a Qipao party like this!

Hosted by: That's Mandarin


Do you know what time of the year is 小满/Xiǎomǎn? Well, it's between May 20 and May 22 of each year, where the rain becomes more and more heavy every day and where the difference of temperature between the North and South of China are reduced.

Many people are using metaphors in daily-life. I can give you one. During this season, the harvests are full but not mature enough. Then, it's easy to let us think of adolescent, especially for girls! They may not have reached the age of 18, but they have begun to evolve, and their bodies send them youthful signals.

That's why we have organized this activity to introduce you to these changes.

For this reason, you are strongly invited to our Qipao's evening!

But you will probably ask yourself: What is Qipao right?

The stylish and often tight-fitting cheongsam or Qipao (旗袍) is a Chinese woman's garment of Manchu origin (滿族), modernized and fashionable created in Shanghai at the beginning of the twentieth century under the name of changshan (長衫) which she kept in southern China (Cantonese: cheongsam).

In the following years, has also been introduced the men outfit!

There is no doubt that you will enjoy our Qipao Party, and have a good time, relaxing, dancing or having a drink in a bar while meeting new friends!

Everyone can participate! Women could wear cheongsam, and men could have upper body dress or tunic dress.


Date: May 21th, 2017

Time: 14:00-17:00

Price: 100 RMB

Registration deadline: May 14th

How to register:

Tel: 010-52186432

E-mail: events@thatsmandarin.com

Or just reply via our Wechat page!


1/F Building 4, B Xinzhong Street 12, 100027 Dongcheng District, Beijing / China( Just behind the Great Leap Brewing)



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