Making Spring Pancakes!

Making Spring Pancakes!


As a traditional and unique Chinese food, 春饼/Chūnbǐng is a specific dish of the northern regions.
These pancakes are usually eaten on the Spring to celebrate the melting of snow and the passage of snow to rain. Did you know that Spring Pancakes were one of the nine desserts for the regal banquet of Qing dynasty?

You will take a closer look at how they're made!

These Spring Pancakes are wrapped around fresh vegetables and meat. Tradition holds that eating these pancakes that day, people will have a good harvest during the year.

We will teach you how to make Spring Pancakes and we will play some Spring's Chinese songs!

Furthermore, you will also get the opportunity to cook the delicious potatoes wire fried green pepper.

Come and join us on Feb 18th, 5-7 pm to feel with us the fresh atmosphere of this season!


Date: Feb 18th, 2017

Time: 17:00-19:00

Price: 100 RMB, free for kids

Registration deadline: Feb 16th

How to register:

Tel: 010-52186432


Or just reply via our Wechat page!


1/F Building 4, B Xinzhong Street 12, 100027 Dongcheng District, Beijing / China( Just behind the Great Leap Brewing)



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