Free TEFL in China Training

Free TEFL in China Training


Introduction of TEFL in China Certificate

In order to address fluctuations in supply and demand for foreign teachers in China, foreign expert status is limited to those who have two years teaching experience. The department of Cultural and Educational Experts, of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) permits foreigners to teach in China, with foreign expert status, if they have taken the TEFL in China training, have obtained their certificate, and have their records on the evaluation system for foreign language experts, which is maintained by the Information Research Center, SAFEA.

Sections of TEFL in China Training:

Section one: Online TEFL Course, about 80 hours

Section two: Face-to-face TEFL Course, about 40 hours

Section three: Online Evaluation


Students from English speaking countries are preferred; students who are fluent in English from non-English speaking counties are welcome to apply the training as well.

No limitation to age, education background, and working experience.

We are organizing two free seven-day's face-to-face training in November and December. Places are limited, so just click HERE and register quickly!



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