2016 China Korea Japan Industries Expo

2016 China Korea Japan Industries Expo

Hosted by: Richard


Dear friends,

With the big success and acknowledgements received from last year, this year CKJIE will definitely bring more surprises. We sincerely invite everyone to participate and witness our new improvements and achievements.

Upcoming Expo: 2016 China Korea Japan Industries Expo
Date: 2016.9.23-25
Location: Weifang City, Shandong Province, China

Exhibition Categories:
Intelligent Manufacturing Information Technology
1.The Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition Area:
Intelligent Equipment; 3D Printing Equipment and Technology; CNC Machine Tools; Power Assembly; Model Tooling; Agricultural Machinery and Equipment; Green, Smart and Personalized Cars.

2.The Electronics and Information Technology Exhibition Area:
Telecommunications; Network Equipment and Products; Hardware, Software and System Solutions; Optoelectronic Technologies; Digital Equipment and Products.

The Energy Conservation and Environment Protection and New Energy

Products of Energy Conservation and Environment Protection and their Application; Soil remediation; Water Treatment; Air Pollution Control, etc.

Modern Agriculture andFood Safety:
Adcanced New Modern Agricultural Technologies; Smart Agriculture; Green Ecological Agricultural Materials; High-end Food Research and Development, Processing and Logistics, Processing equipment; Food Safety Inspection and Protection; Imported Food.

Health Care ,Elderly Care and Beauty Care Industry:

Technology and Equipment for Health Care, Elderly Care; Medical Rehabilitation; Medical Cosmetology; Tourism; Cosmetics; Textile Garments and related Logistics, Finance, Cross-border E-commerce, Investment and Financing.

Cultural Creative Industry:
Cultural and Creative Products Exhibition, Trading; Film, Television and Animation Products; New Digital Media; Industrial Design; Art and Fashion Products Design; Projects of Cultural Industry and related Supporting Services and Products.

Featured Events:

  1. Economic and Trade Cooperation and Development Forum
  2. East Asia Trade and Investment Facilitation Forum
  3. Silver Industry Forum
  4. The Round-table Conference
  5. Procurement and Docking Activities
  6. Individual Business Match-making Meeting
  7. Enterprise Press Conference
  8. Key Project Signing Ceremony

Benefits for interested foreign visitors:
1.Up to 600 RMB travel reimbursement
2.Free star hotels
3.Free local shuttle bus service
4.Free catering services during the expo
5.Free VIP badge and expo brochures
(Note: pick-up time only valid for 22nd, September day time from 11am to 5pm)

Requirement for interested foreign visitors and exhibitors:
1.Registration form
2.Photocopy of passport front page
3.Photocopy of company license with seal
4.Authority letter with seal

Registration Deadline: 5th, September, 2016

RSVP: Richard
M: richard@wintrustexpo.com
T: +86-18210684133

Last year expo video: http://baidu.ku6.com/watch/4243071322800021260.html?page=videoMultiNeed



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