Sue&the jazz band @ Salud Nlgx

Sue&the jazz band @ Salud Nlgx

Hosted by: Sandrine Wang


Sue,originally from Sichuan,China,is a vocalist who works in a venture capital,she started music since her childhood,got a certificate of Level 7 in vocal music.Sue’s good at Jazz,Bossa Nova,Pop,Soul,and she also performs in Mandarin,English,Korean,Cantonese.Sue started performing back to the stage with top Jazz musicians in Beijing since she decided to resume singing as long as she’s not too much occupied by her daily job,they performed at East shore,Parlor,VA bar,4 corners and some other live venues ever since 2014.This time she’s bringing you Xiaji(guitar),Ivan(Bass),Anthony(Drums) to give you a show about standard jazz,including songs from her favorite singer Ella Fitzgerald.



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