JAZZ in La Plantation - Paul Lay

JAZZ in La Plantation - Paul Lay's trio ALCAZAR ME

Hosted by: Philippe Bouvet


May Saturday 7th at 7pm

May sunday 8th at 4pm


PAUL LAY jazz trio

You can book now on 51661201 or

by wechat : chineseliving ( 微店 )

This Franco-Swedish jazz trio, comprised of Paul Lay on piano, Isabel

Sorling, vocals and Simon Tailleu on double bass, is one of the most

creative ensembles of today's young European jazz scene.

The origin of the project was to sing a celebration of
Provence, its climate, landscapes, aromas,
(particularly the worldwide reputation of its lavender) as well as the rest of its sensual variety.

The Alcazar Memories project was formed in
response to a commission from the Théâtre de la
Criée in Marseille for the 2013 Marseille European
Capital of Culture.

The extensive tour of the project which followed in
the summer of 2013 was highly acclaimed by its
audiences. In June 2015 Alcazar Memories gave
eight concerts in Sweden before performing in

once more in 2015, (particularly at the Festival de Cluny, Tons

Voisins, Musiques à l'Empéri, les Bergers de Tarn, Théâtre de


The trio's wholly novel interpretations of great

works of Provencal folk music by Vincent Scotto, Alibert and René Sarvil

include Adieu Venise Provençale, Le petit cabanon, J'ai deux amours and

Le plus beau de tous les tangos du monde. To mirror these works, the

trio embellishes the program with Swedish folk songs like Sa skimrande

var aldrig havet and Ska lane skutan kan ga evoking the frozen lakes of

the North
and the forests of Gotland captured by Isabel
Sorling's crystal-clear voice.
Lastly Paul Lay has enhanced the program with
original compositions for which Isabel has written
lyrics in four different languages: French, Swedish,
English and Spanish, (Sing Song, Promenade,
The lyrics and their translations are incorporated into a program for all the foreign tours to help the
audience immerse itself more fully into the world of
Adieu Venise Provençale (Vincent Scotto)
Amour et printemps (Emile Waldtefeul)
Le petit cabanon (Vincent Scotto)
J'ai deux amours (Vincent Scotto)
You must beleive in spring / la chanson de Maxence
(Michel Legrand)
Le plus beau de tous les tangos du monde (V. Scotto)
Sing Song (Paul Lay)
Convictions (Paul Lay)
Swedish folk songs (Trad.)
Paul Lay - piano, arrangements
Isabel Sorling - vocals
Simon Tailleu - double bass



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