Hosted by: Temple Bar


At Temple Bar we like to Rock hard, but, every once in a while, we also like to geek-out a bit. And what better time to do that than on May the 4th - official Star Wars Day!

So get ready to celebrate in style, as we are going to make an awesome event out of it!

On May the 4th, we will be screening Star Wars episode VII, while on the days leading-up to it (May 2nd and 3rd) we will be screening episodes IV, V and VI.

But that is not all!

Each day will start early (6pm) with the screening of all kinds of cool Star Wars related programs (such as satires by Robot Chicken and Family Guy, and the hilariously infamous Red Letter Media reviews of Episodes I, II and III).

And for all you twisted individuals....those with whom the Dark Side of the Force runs strong...whose love for pain and suffering knows no bounds, a room strong with the Dark Force there will be! In it, episodes I, II and III shall be playing...NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Expect to see Temple Bar also fully dressed for the occasion and special deals for any patron who comes wearing Star Wars!

See you there and May the 4th be with you!



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