April 13: The Night Crawler @ Salud Nlgx

April 13: The Night Crawler @ Salud Nlgx

Hosted by: Sandrine Wang


The Night crawler-is a real pure Chicago blues band, the music that they play covers the whole American Blues history, from Mississippi’s Robert until Albert king from Tennessee, or from T-Bone walker of Texas to Muddy Waters of Chicago, they play all the classic music of the blues masters. And the group members have stunning background as well. The vocal and guitarist Eric has been playing in bules world for long time, and he has been living aboard many years so that he was influenced a lot by the blues music, and he is good and live shows. The guitarist is Zhang Ling. The vocal and drummer is Thomas Wilson and from Chicago, and he has ever worked for blues masters such as B.B. King and Buddy Guy. The harmonist is Zhang Xiaosong, and he is the first Chinese harmonic blues player. One guitarist is Weiwei and one base is Wangzheng , both of them are from Mizang band. After many years playing in blues world, the whole band creates a super harmonious atmosphere. So what are you waiting for, the night crawlers are sailing out, and you will be their first target.



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