Hosted by: Temple Bar


Jams are fine, bands are better. So, Michael Marshall in association with Temple Bar are bringing you a super easy opportunity to jump-start a new project. We have so many talented people kicking around Gulou right now trapped in jams - We are really anxious to see what kind of stuff you guys come up with.

Here's how it works - by Thursday at 9pm, anyone willing to start a new band should either contact us or show up at Temple. Your band will be sent to a practice space and be given 90 minutes (on the house) to come up with a set. After those 90 minutes are up you'll come back and play to the Temple crowd.

It’s important to emphasize that this is not an event for musician elitist B.S. Anyone is welcome regardless of skill level - if you are able to hold an instrument, join in the madness!

We will let the crowd ultimately determine what band wins the night (so bring your friends) and the winning band will receive a cut from the bar for the evening as the grand prize. All performers will receive drink tickets - so at the very least you get to spend Thursday evening setting up a new band, having a few drinks on the house, and impressing your girlfriend/boyfriend with how diverse and creative you are.

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