classical concert in La Plantation : Duo Tapas

classical concert in La Plantation : Duo Tapas

Hosted by: Philippe Bouvet


next concert in La Plantation concert hall.
Duo Tapas, Guitar and Violin
on sunday 20th of March, 4pm

In early 2010, Rupa Maitra, violin and Owen Moriarty, guitar, formed Duo Tapas, with the aim of performing a wide range of music written for this beautiful combination of instruments as well as exploring and introducing to the public exciting new arrangements of music existing for other instruments.

Program :
Imamovic 伊万姆维奇
Kafana 酒馆

Vivaldi 维瓦尔第
Sonata in D minor D小调奏鸣曲

Mark O’Connor 马克 欧 康诺
Strings and Threads suite 弦乐与套曲
1. Fair Dancer Reel -优美的民间舞(爱尔兰或苏格兰风格)
2. Sailor's Jig-水手的舞蹈
3. Captain's Jig -船长的舞蹈
4. Off to Sea-出海
5. Pilgrim's Waltz-清教徒的华尔兹
6. Road to Appalachia -阿巴拉契亚之路
7. Shine On-青出于蓝
8. Cotton Pickin' Blues-摘棉花的布鲁斯
9. Pickin' Parlor Rag-客厅里的雷鬼音乐
10. Queen of the Cumberland-坎伯兰女王
11. Texas Dance Hall Blues-德克萨斯舞厅里的蓝调
12. Swing -摇摆音乐
13. Sweet Suzanne-甜美的苏珊

Marek Pasieczny 马雷克.帕沙斯尼
6 Folk Melodies 六首民谣旋律
1.Up There Near the Mill Rowan Grows – 在布满山灰的磨房边
2.On the Green Boundry Strip Birds Eat Oats – 鸟在绿色边界地带吃着燕麦
3.On the Dry Poplar a Bird Sat Down – 鸟儿栖息在干白杨树上
4.In the Field Grew Berries – 种植浆果的田地
5.Oh Swing, Swing Linden Cradle – 荡呀,荡呀,林登摇着摇篮
6.The Furious Polka-激情波尔卡

Arvo Pärt 艾沃.帕特
Spiegel im Spiegel (arr Owen Moriarty)
镜中镜(改编:欧文. 莫里亚蒂)

Imamovic 伊万姆维奇
Jovano, Jovanke 悲伤的阿迪奥



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