Mar 23 J个 @ Salud Nlgx

Mar 23 J个 @ Salud Nlgx

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Zhege is an interesting collection of quirky characters with a love of art and an interest in culture (and no we don't mean the mould you sometimes find growing in your bellybutton). Hailing from various countries across the globe, they have been united by their deep emotional problems and their longing to tell a story... Any story. From the light to the dark, the funny to the down right depressing, they are ready to say/ sing anything to get the attention that they thrive off of (these guys/ gals have serious issues). There is a silver fox, a big eared king, a suprisingly wide batman imitator, a vampire with a phobia of blood, and 2 sexy hutong ladies. Intrigued? You should be! ZHEGE IS THIS IS ZHEGE!!!

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J个是一个集艺术之爱和文化兴趣为一体的乖戾人物收藏(对了,我们可不是你以为的那种你不时的在肚脐眼那里发现的生长出来的霉菌)。 我们拥有来自全球各地各个国家不同的音乐人集聚在一起,而其中的纽带便是他们深藏的情绪纷争以及迫切讲述故事的心情。 不管是从黎明到黄昏,好笑的或是深深的失望,不管什么样的故事,他们都准备好说或是唱给你听,让你来看他们熊熊烈焰的表达(这些音乐人都有一些庄重的往事)。这里有一个银盒子,一个大耳朵皇帝,有一个让人惊讶的蝙蝠侠模仿者,一个恐怖的吸血鬼,还有两个性感的胡同女士。感兴趣吧?你真该来看看!J个就是这个!!!

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