Free-V. Music Gig"解放运动“乐队汇演

Hosted by: Borderless


Free-V.= Free is a Verb here, a movement for music & art

5 Bands:

The Peppercorns 飞椒

Jokers Belief 小丑的信仰

Jump the Fence佛跳墙

Baxian Chophouse 八仙饭店

Mystery Guest Band 神秘嘉宾乐队

2 Artists:

Luo Xiao Feng

Chairman Ca

For this gig, we want to promote an idea of music and everything else not being free anymore, but why is it called free music gig? Because here, free is a verb!

If music is not free anymore, there will be more freedom for artists to live and make music/art.

Now days, even in China, you start to find that its not free to listen to or download music anymore on the internet, certian music is not available on Xiami anymore, or you have to pay to watch certain movies on Youku. Think about it, that’s actually a step forward, especially for music. That way, artists have a bigger possibility to make a better income to support themselves. So at this gig, we corporate with 5 bands, 2 artists and LoReLi. We are going to use Luo Xiao Feng and Chairman Ca’s art to promote the gig, see on the fliers and posters.

All the bands, artists, designers, labels are signed up for doing this for free in the first place to promote an idea which is not free. We want to make good music and art to make money, to live, to grow.

At the gig, we will be selling:


Posters of Art

Borderless CDs


All the money will go to bands & Artists.



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