music will unite us all

music will unite us all

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The 20th C!Talk event in Beijing gathers five well-renowned musicians. We invite you to join this special music gala to enjoy the sounds of the world, get inspired by artists' stories and make new friends!

黄建立 (三弦艺术家 )


Huang Jianli (Sanxian)

A Shenyang University professor, famous musician Huang Jianli is a member of the Liaoning Artists Association, a former Shenyang Sanxian Troupe performer, traditional folk music composer, and apprentice of famous Sanxian teacher, Chang Shulin. In Liaoning, when anyone mentions Chinese ballads with drum, everyone first thinks of him.

郭杨 (陶笛艺术家)


Guo Yang (Ocarina)

Guo Yang, professor at Shenyang Conservatory of Music, is a member of the Chinese Musicians Association, and went to Japan twice for China-Japan cultural exchange performances. In 2011, he created soundtrack and audio for the film "Useless Man". In 2012, he went to Vienna to attend the World Folk Music Seminar, and that year, participated in the Incheon Ocarina Art Exhibition in South Korea. Furthermore, in 2013, he created a special song called "embrace life" for a charity event for autistic children.

秀外慧中 (二胡与吉他艺术家)


In Side Out (Erhu & Guitar)

Joining together American country music singer Mark Levine and Chinese folk musician Fu Han, In Side Out is the perfect fusion of Chinese folk & American country music. Both use American country ballads to tell the story of China, with the western guitar and melodious two-stringed erhu creating layers of harmony, a beautiful blend bringing a new musical experience for audiences everywhere.

李梓睿 (键盘艺术家)

李梓睿:4岁开始学琴,毕业于沈阳音乐学院本校作曲系传统作曲专业,大学期间参与多个乐队并多次参加本地live house演出和大型乐节等,是沈阳有名的90后伴奏乐手,目前在北京发展。他也是黄建立老师的徒弟,跟其学习三弦,希望把中国传统艺术传承下去。

Li Zirui (Keyboard)

Li Zirui, began to study piano at the age of 4, and graduated from the Shenyang Conservatory of Music. He was part of multiple bands during college and has participated in local live house and large music festival performances. Currently a famous musician of the 90’s generation, he has collaborated with many, also studying under Huang Jianli.



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