Dec 24 Eric Tsen Jazz Quartet@Salud Nlgx

Dec 24 Eric Tsen Jazz Quartet@Salud Nlgx

Hosted by: Sandrine Wang


Eric Tsen Jazz Quartet consists of saxophone player Eric Tsen, guitarist Xiao Fang, bassist ET, and drummer Jiajia. All deeply rooted in the jazz and blues language, these four talented musicians explore jazz in all of its offshoots, swing, funk, latin, etc, combining sophisticated solos with simple, strong grooves, thus displaying unique high energy and strong passions.

1224 Eric Tsen爵士四重奏@老伍酒吧南锣鼓巷

Eric Tsen爵士四重奏由萨克斯手Eric、吉他手小方、贝斯手ET和鼓手佳佳组成。这四位优秀的乐手都深深地扎根于爵士和布鲁斯的语汇中,致力于探索各种风格的爵士乐,包括摇摆、放克、拉丁等等。他们不但能奏出复杂动听的独奏,也沉醉于简单强劲的节奏,展现出独一无二的高能和激情。



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