Didier Petit in concert : Lyrical Jazz in La Plant

Didier Petit in concert : Lyrical Jazz in La Plant

Hosted by: Philippe Bouvet


Didier Petit
Didier Petit was born in Reims in 1962 into a musical environment and began the cello at the age of six. Four months after the events of May 68, he entered the conservatoire to study the instrument he was to research and work upon in the future. Thanks to his family, Didier was "swimming" in music from a very early age. He remembers the Parrenin quartet, his teacher Pierre Penassou, Scott Ross who stayed with the family and interminable evening debates.
In 1977, Didier walked out of the conservatoire, to find himself face to face with the world. At this time, he realises that music won't leave him and, feeling a tremendous desire to exceed both physically and mentally, he turns to jazz. Particularly inspired by Sun Ra and his Arkestra and Celestrial Communication Orchestra of Alan Silva in which he played for ten years, he studied at the IACP, became a teacher, then administrator until 1989. Though his friendship with Misha Lobko he was introduced to many european musical improvisers and shared numerous musical experiences with Vladimir Tarasov, Sakis Papadimitriou, Iva Bittova, Daunik Lazro, Bruno Girard, Carlos "Zingaro", Roger Turner, Benat Achiary, François Tusques, Marilyn Crispell, Jac Berrocal, Larry Ochs.. Didier petit also played an important part in organising the festival "decades of improvised music" in 86, create the The WormHoles Festival in 2007. In order to set up something stable, he creates the record label In Situ in 1990 which now comprises 36 titles. An utopist and realist at the same time, Didier petit never loses the taste for risk and imagination, he continues to beleve in resistance.
In 2009 he creat the East West collective in Hong Kong for the French May Festival to creat a bridge between two cultures.
Since 2010, he is the artistic director of the Space Studies National Center (CNES) for the Sideration Festival. In 2015 he will fligh in the zero G plane to experiment music in zero gravity.


Sat, Nov 28, 2015
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

La Plantation
Price of Tickets:
Art base 1, D area, Hegezhuang village, Cuigezhuang township Chaoyang district Beijing 100103
Address in Chinese:
北京市朝阳区崔各庄乡何各庄村壹号地国际艺术园 D
Nearest Metro Station:
Ma Quanying line 15
City Area:
Shunyi - Chaoyang - Wangjing 顺义-朝阳-望京
Directions in English:
Subway line 15 Ma Quan Ying station (then electric minibus, 5mn door to door , 2 yuans to“ yi hao di ”)
Directions in Chinese:
15号线,马泉营地铁站,B 出口,电动车 2人民币到“一号地”。(5分钟)
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