Chinese and Forex traders Course

Chinese and Forex traders Course


Chinese and Forex traders Course

Global hedge advisers ( known as " the most authoritative and cutting-edge hedge fund knowledge and technical center" .

Global hedge advisers is known as " the most authoritative and cutting-edge hedge fund knowledge and technical center" Global Enterprises takes"motivating the internationalization of China finance"as its mission. it has always been dedicated to provide top business news and viewpoints in the background of globalization, and has built up a financial cooperation with no border between the Chinese and foreign business people, in the frame of competitive research, more in-depth and special analysis, reports on wealth management.

We are committed to high-yield finance and investment management solutions to traders profit performance to attract the majority of private equity as a capital pool.In view of the statistical data of hedge funds and forex technical analysis history in overseas.GHA expect more of the outstanding preferred high-end traders and analysts at the international level.

A After the Chinese training courses, GHA reward live accounts of forex trading funds.Junior,$350 Intermediate,$600 Advanced courses,$1000

Through the level of Chinese examination of the trainees,an extra bonus $100-2000.

B Part time work (Preferred native English):www.hedgeadvisers.comFinancial scholarly articles published daily, updates.The latest international financial information, research, seminars, papers (Including, charts, graphs and formulas, and so on.)Requirements readability, forward-looking and can be predictable financial perspectives remarks.(Each article RMB 50 to 500)

Chinese Course:100,150 and 250Rmb/per hour

Primary:40 hours, Intermediate level:100 hours, Advanced: two years.

(Include: textbooks and HSK exam review summary)

Every Saturday,Sunday(Or Appointment time): 4 hours of Chinese training:Including listening, speaking, reading and writing in accordance with HSK teaching theory.(Textbooks, exam review historical archives and CD-ROM)

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