Chinese Knots

Chinese Knots


Chinese Knots

Traditional Chinese decorative knots, also known as Chinese knots, are typical local arts of China. They are a distinctive and traditional folk handicraft woven, named according to their shape and meaning.
In Chinese culture, the knots can mean reunion, friendliness, peace, love etc. It is often used to express good wishes, including happiness, prosperity, love and peace. The Chinese knot is both practical and ornamental for decorating, fully reflecting the grace and depth of Chinese culture.

When: 13:30-15:20pm Nov. 27th. (Friday)
Where: CLE
Jianwai SOHO Building 9, Room 605 (6th floor)
(39# Dong San Huan Zhong Lu,Chaoyang District,Beijing)
Chinese address: 中国北京市朝阳区东三环中路39号建外SOHO东区9号楼605

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