Chinese Paper Cutting

Chinese Paper Cutting


Chinese Paper Cutting

The Chinese people do not only use firecrackers to celebrate the Chinese New Year (春节), Chinese weddings and other important holidays. They also cut ornate paper decorations. Chinese paper cutting is a unique art form which has existed for thousands of years. It shows you the beauty of nature, the harmony of life etc.

All are welcome to join the Chinese paper cutting class with Ma Laoshi to enjoy the fun of creating these wonderful pieces of art.

When: 13:30 to15:20 pm. Nov. 4th (Wednesday)

Where: CLE classroom
Jianwai SOHO Building 9, Room 605 (6th floor)
(39# Dong San Huan Zhong Lu,Chaoyang District,Beijing)
Chinese address:北京市朝阳区东三环中路建外SOHO 9号楼 605室

Payment:50RMB / person
Please sign up in 1 day advance

Tel:5869 5800



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