The Rocky Horror Picture Show & Beijing Misfits

The Rocky Horror Picture Show & Beijing Misfits

Hosted by: Temple Bar


What do transvestites, Glenn Danzig, and Morgan have in common? Find out this Halloween when Temple Bar brings you a demonically inspired double feature, so wonderfully twisted and unreal that it would make Vincent Price weep uncontrollably. In addition to our annual performance by the Beijing Misfits - the capital’s most horrific tribute band, we’ll also be hosting a full-frontal screening of the infamously sexy and completely awesome cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show in conjunction with Marshall's Birthday. Come dressed up as your favorite character, bring props (or buy them at the door in special starter packs that contain everything you'd conceivably want or need to really go for it) and get ready for a night of hell-bound misfits and sweet transvestites. We’re just dying with antici…[wait for it].....pation.

35 RMB special cocktails & buy three get one free shots between 8:00~10:00pm



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