FNC English club party 《My recent life》

FNC English club party 《My recent life》

Hosted by: King Woods


活动时间:2015.10.11 18:30地点:维根小屋 北京朝阳区建外SOHO东区9号楼2层商铺9213(西南角)
地铁1号线D口出,往西50米到恒惠东路,往南50米。往期活动相片(Activity photos):http://photo.blog.sina.com.cn/womenxing
FNC English club party 《My recent life》 Time:2015.10.11 18:30
Location: Vegan Hut, Room.9213, F2, Building 9, Jianwai SOHO (Exit D at Guomao Station)
How to get there?Take subway line 1 to Guomao Station, get out from exit D, go straight for 20 meters, turn left(south), around 70 meters, you will see a building.

    FNC English club is 7 years old, we had many activities and firends,It's time to play together. Let'share what we want to share no matter happy or trouble. Meet old friends and new friends.
活动流程:18:30-19:00 入场闲聊 Entrance
19:00-19:20 个人自我介绍 Introduction
19:20-20:00 分组话题讨论 Topic discussion
20:00-20:20 每组总结陈述 Topic statement
20:20-20:50 游戏时间 Game time
20:50-21:00 收集活动意见建议 Advice collection

费用:自行点餐,或20元(只是场地费用,FNC活動免費)报名方式:发送姓名(人数)+手机号码至与时俱进。 联系人(与时俱进):18618104669 QQ:908928777 问路,关注微信公共号 维根蔬谷健康馆
Fee: 20Yuan or Order by youself
Contact(King):18618104669 QQ:908928777
Registration:Send name(Number of people) & Mobile No. to King,



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