September 9 The Black Hipster@Salud Nlgx

September 9 The Black Hipster@Salud Nlgx

Hosted by: Sandrine Wang


"The Black Hipster is a four-piece band formed at the end of 2014 by Thomas Painter( guitar), Mark Mayer (bass guitar), Dojo (drums) and Josh Storm ( guitar and vocals).

Strongly influenced by The Blues ( Delta & Chicago) and 60's- 70's rock ( Hendrix, Cream, CCR...), TBH brings you back to your musical roots with highly charged blues ".

99 黑色嬉皮士乐队@老伍酒吧南锣鼓巷

黑色嬉皮士乐队由吉他手Thomas Painter在2014年底成立的四人乐队,贝斯吉他手是Mark Mayer,鼓手是Dojo, 吉他和歌手是Josh Storm。乐队风格受到布鲁士(三角洲和芝加哥)及60、70年代摇滚(Hendrix, Cream, CCR…)的强烈影响。黑色嬉皮士将为你带来高质量满溢的布鲁士风,重寻音乐根源。

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