Tulegur with Foes (EP release party)

Tulegur with Foes (EP release party)


Tulegur with Foes

—— 2015 EP <Wind Grass Sound> Lunch Party

Time: August 28th 2015 at 21:00

Venue: Beijing Yugong Yishan Livehouse

Addr.: Beijing Dongcheng Zhangzizhong Rd. 3-2

Phone: 010-84028477

Tickets: RMB 80 presale / RMB 120 at door


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One man walk, the music attitude of embracing the world

Two men talk, challenge the changes on music exploration

Get them all, a joyride of muse into the space of imagination

Right after the just completed 2015 Wind Grass Sound Europe Tour, Tulegur quickly switches to busy rehearsal mode to prepare for the upcoming release party of the new EP “Wind Grass Sound”. Gangzi finally moved on from being a solo artist and bounded with the likewise artistic virtuoso Zongcan, the joint forces of this productive duo shines with sparks of creativity like never before. And on the said Europe tour they gained so much it brought their musicianship and stage performance onto another level. Yet they don't stop at what all has been achieved, so this time they want to go play big. So they will invite all their “foes” onto stage to challenge more of what’s all possible. So what will it be? We will see at the show.

About EP <Wind Grass Sound>

Wind, the messenger of heavens

Grass, the whisper of life

Sound, the breath of all creation

At the end of 2014, Mongolian urban nomad Tulegur Gangzi who seeks his roots in grassland music traditions, released himself from his 13 years solo career and formed a new line up of TULEGUR with urban multi-instrumentalist Zongcan. The half a year long wearing in and growing into each other resulted in this newly published EP "Wind • Grass • Sound". Gangzi's compositions have always been full of picturesque vastness and dynamic vitality, the 5 songs taped this time, jointly arranged and fine-tuned by the two of them, reveal a more in-depth imagery of the music and amplify the author's emotional expression more dimensional to the listeners. Zongcan's finesse in percussion and the sonic palette of his electric guitar, in just the right way, set off the strong moods that Gangzi embeds in his khoomeii and acoustic guitar play. Beyond the original substrates, the three completely re-arranged old songs now spark out full vividness; the bigger picture of the two new songs leave splendorous space for imagination and interpretation, as if all worldly splendor is embraceable.

About our foes

Gao Xu (one guitar)

Tulegur’s long year foe No. 1, on and off we always go at it from while to while and never got tire of it. But for most of the time, we are involved in each others lives in undercover manner just like a friend.

Heike (one cello)

A very attractive representative of our international foes, she plays it all and most best on a cello. But problem is, we cant do any of what she can!

Wang Wenying (one big pile of effect paddles)

The rumor has it, this dude wants to take us back to the 70’s with all his possessions. If something goes wrong on the passing, you’re gone.

Jelly (one keyboard)

The recording engineer and producer of the “Wind Grass Sound” EP, we spend a whole week at his place of it and there is no moment gone where we didn't wish to knock him out.

Ajing (one big basket of flutes)

Going around the world with just a basket full of flutes is unforgiveable! Let alone this bad ass can make sounds out of everything that has holes on it. Even less forgivable!



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