BORDERLESS Goes to School

BORDERLESS Goes to School



Due to the unforeseen and sad closure of Mako live house, the event is being moved to School Bar and combined with ColdNeo's three day festival. Adding to their already stacked lineup, should see us partying into the night. See you there.

Baxian Chophouse

DJ Chuchu

Baxian Chophouse
DJ ChuChu

50rmb (预售with a CD)

50rmb (现场Door)

Add.: 朝阳区广渠路36号院东院(双井家乐福正对面)红点艺术工厂内 Mako Hongdian Art Factory 36 Guangqu Lu ChaoYang District
(Oppsite Shaungjing Carrefore Supermarket)

The newborn mix baby (½ American, ½ Italian) takes influence from the Pixies, Mogwai, Tool and Fugazi. The four-piece post-rock,post-punk band plays hard and fast; loud and melodic. No vocals needed. Come listen to their guitars sing for them.

Baxian Chophouse:
Filth Revenge!
Pour fuel on to the beautiful new world of fire.
Crushing on the dirty pop music scene of 90s, Seattle, BXFD brings an alternative Grunge band with real-to-real tape vocal line. Founded in a small pub in the winter of 2013 and formed in 2014. BXFD started making music, playing gigs, and realizing: there is a future to have.
The band hopes nobody gets abandoned by Rock ‘n’ Roll, because everything is just getting started.

An icon of Electronica music in China, redefining the genre with their youthful energy and onstage antics. Their approach to making music is as novel as the sounds they conjure; sure to send you down the aural rabbit hole. The waves of electric beats will spiral through your body and lead you into your own trance like rhythm. Standing still isn’t an option, let alone possible. Join us in dancing to the beat of these electro-magicians.

Graduating with a major in acting and play writing from Drama College of China. Chuchu brings pockets loaded with creativity to the floor. This is evident when you hear the morphed soul coming out as futuristic bass, and classic house beats. The fast paced tempo and rhythm keeps you listening. Keeps you moving. Keeps you feeling alive. The founder of ‘Kosa Music’ and man behind the ‘Soul of China’ soundtrack is not to be missed.



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