July 22 Mizang@Salud Nlgx

July 22 Mizang@Salud Nlgx


Mizang is a Chinese blues rock and roll band.

The band was built in 2001, at Beijing, and they were bunch of people with the background of peasants and low class, and this made their special connection about blues. In 2008, the band released the first EP called “Goodbye 1968” with the most of the band’s original color. Then the following 3 years, Mizang has experienced the lowest time in their band story. The main group player has left far away and also the group, and this made all worse for the band itself. Fortunately, they never gave up their original dream and cut off their relation, so they restarted to record a brand new album which is called “ the competition with time”. Maybe this is the reason that you have to push yourself to race with time. After the first releasing day, the new album was on all the big music shows, and finally they won the “ Best Blues players” in 2014 in the Chinese media and songs awards. After more than 10 years’ changing and experiences, the band today is still releasing their blues rock and roll power and passing on their beloved blues from generation to genartion.

66 nanluoguxiang Dongcheng District



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