May 27: The Groove Collective@Salud Nlgx(Canceled)

May 27: The Groove Collective@Salud Nlgx(Canceled)


Heralding from all corners of the globe, the members of The groove collective have all found themselves in the cultural mosaic of Beijing's music scene. Channeling the city's chaotic fortune, TGC mixes their distinctive sounds into a melting pot of disparate rhythms and fun-loving uproar.

With a sound that can be considered as both modern and traditionnal, this is a band

that injects their own style into every song and performance.

66 nanluoguxiang dongcheng district


从全球的种种迹象表明,The Groove collective(TGC)的乐手们在北京花哨的文化音乐环境中找到了自己。挑战着这个城市混乱的财富,TGC混搭着他们别树一帜的声音进入一个融合着完全不同的节奏和热爱玩耍的嘈杂的锅里。伴随着他们的一种可以被同时认为是现代与传统的音乐,乐队注射了他们自己的风格到每一首歌曲与演出中。



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