Mar 20: SU BAND @Salud Nlgx

Mar 20: SU BAND @Salud Nlgx


In Uyghur language, Jam means assembly. The five group members assembled together in Beijing in 2005, chasing their music dreams together. Jam infused lots of specialties of minority music, such as Spanish flamenco, Cuba rhythm, Arabic tune rhythm, gypsy rhythm Indian taste and Turkish music, aiming at showing a middle east passion and sensation in general. The tunes are regular with standards but meanwhile they can make themselves free and spontaneous as a jam session background.

New Flamenco, Latino, Folk music

66 nanluoguxiang dongcheng district


维语Jam意指「团聚」,乐队五名团员2005年在北京「团聚」,一起追寻音乐理想。 Jam乐队融合多种民族音乐的特色,西班牙佛林明高、古巴节奏、阿拉伯调子音律、吉卜赛─印度品味,及土耳其音乐风格共冶一炉,表现出一种泛中亚式的激情和感性,在悦耳有秩的调子中又能自由奔放地随心性而作即兴铺垫。



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