Three Weddings and A Divorce

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Event Description

This history talk is a portrait of three women all living in Beijing. Grandmother Wang - with bound “Lily-feet”, 63-year-old Liu Xiao Bing - whose life was heavily affected by the Cultural Revolution, and 34-year-old successful business woman Xie Rui. Together, they can account for the last hundred years of Beijing’s history. Their life stories illustrate the incredible change the role of women has undergone in Chinese society. It tells of how the custom of feet-binding was thrown out and condemned by revolutionary slogans that projected model female workers to the fore, but the idea of the good-natured communist woman now seems distant, having been replaced by the high stilettos of ‘modern society’. Beijing Postcards has been following the lives of these women for about 4 years. During this period a great deal has changed, not least that “Three Weddings and a Divorce” has now become “Four Weddings and a Divorce”! Participants will meet at Exit A of Zhangzizhong Rd. metro station on line 5. If you get lost, please call Karin Roos @ 13911037105 After gathering at the meeting place, the group will walk over to the Beijing Postcard's Gallery where the presentation will be held. Price: RMB150, Non-members RMB200 If you want to sign up please go to



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