Monthly Free Trip: The Royal City Inside Out

Monthly Free Trip: The Royal City Inside Out


Old Beijing was just like a Russian Doll, layer after layer. Inside the inner city, there used to be a royal city. The core of the royal city was the Forbidden City. Only servants to the royal family and business supporting the royal family could locate there. That’s why there were so many historical relics in this area. The wall of the royal city was torn down during the Republic of China era. With the rapid modernization of China, how is the royal city area and people living there impacted? We will find out in a city walk. This is a typical back street Beijing cultural exploration. - English speaking guide - Tickets Physical Level: Level 2 medium (Within 3 hours outdoor activities) Meet at Exit A Dong Si Station on Subway Line 5 (东四) 1:30pm, finish before 4:00pm. Cost: Free of Charge Reservation: 15117916648. What is unique about this exploration? 1. A nice cultural exploration of old Beijing 2. A panoramic view of the City of Beijing



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