Dec. 4th 2010, Swedish Black Metal Warlords MARDUK

Dec. 4th 2010, Swedish Black Metal Warlords MARDUK

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Event Description

Dark Warlords - anthem to the World's End

Dec. 4th 2010, Swedish Black Metal Warlords MARDUK live in Beijing

* The high priests of Swedish Black Metal, one of the fewest Black Metal Gods who ever come to visit China beside Behemoth. * 11 studio albums within 20 years of Black Metal history, the founders of Scandinavian Black Metal together with Mayhem, Dark Throne, Burzum, Dark Funeral etc. and one of the most influential and legendary black metal bands ever. * Satanism, war, death and hatred are the leading topics in their lyrics, the aggression in their music is known as Brutal Black Metal both to fans and critics. * the latest studio album "Wormwood" was released in 2009 which both received overwelming resession within the metal scene and revived the Nordic Black Metal wave anew. * in the very dark, cold winter night, Marduk will hit the Chinese ground with their purest Black Metal, be prepared and hail the Gods with corpse painting, blood and nails, Halloween is for kiddies, the coming of the real dark lords will unleash the long suppressed evil nature in the deepest corners of your heart. * in the name of the ancient sumerian War God, join us into this burning battle against all false humanity and hypocrisy! Chinese Info on Date: Saturday December 4th 2010, 9pm Venue: Beijing Mao Livehouse (北京市东城区鼓楼东大街111号) Forebands: Evil Thorn (恶刺), Wrath of Despot (暴君之狂怒) Tickets: Presale 130 RMB, at door 180 RMB, VIP 666 RMB Phone: 010-62159844、010-62154439、010-64025080 (after 6pm) Ticket service:, Organizer: Painkiller Magazine, Icon Promotions



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