Photography talk : Understanding Light

Photography talk : Understanding Light

Hosted by: Dabao


Event Description

Photography talk with Peter Carney: Understanding Light Join Peter Carney as he uses his extensive experience in the world of professional photography to give his best tips and advice on usage of light and exposure to get better photographs. Peter Carney is an award winning photographer with over five years experience working in Asia. The photography workshops will help students grasp the fundamentals of photography give them confidence in using their camera and encourage them to develop their own unique photographic style. Due to the success of Peter’s one-day workshops, he has teamed up with Culture Yard once again to hold a series of short lectures and demonstrations on professional photography. He will use his extensive experience to give his best tips and advice on the often difficult practice of capturing the world in all it’s glory. Whether you would just like to improve your own photographs, or would like to embark on a career, this talk is for everyone. No need to bring your own cameras, just come with a passion for photography and a mind willing to learn. Topic: “Landscape Photography”, April 14th- 7:30pm-8:30pm Place: Culture Yard, No. 10, Shique Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing. Cost: 35 RMB Registration: Space is limited so please register in advance. E-mail: Tel: 84044166 本次主题:光线处理 Peter Carney将他的专业经验通过这短短的一小时尽量让你学到最多。这节课的内容是教你运用光线和控制曝光的技巧,来感受摄影技巧提高的快乐吧! Peter Carney是来自英国但现居于北京的自由摄影家,曾获得2005年BBC年度摄影师奖(BBC Photographer of the year, finalist December 2005),2006年时代杂志春季比赛胜出奖(The Times Online Spring Competition, Winner April 2006)及众多其他奖项。他拍摄的照片曾屡次被几大出版刊物采用,包括时代杂志,线上BBC等。 在成功的举行了几次“一日单反相机摄影工作坊”后,Peter Carney又回到了天井越洋的小四合院,这次他将带给大家1小时摄影速成课程 ,如果你想和专业的摄影师学习并借此机会提高自己的摄影技术,快快报名参加 Peter Carney 的“1小时摄影工作坊”吧! 欢迎大家,无需自带相机! 时间:4月13日 19:30-20:30 地址:天井越洋,东城区石雀胡同10号。 价格:35RMB 报名注册:发送邮件至 电话:84044166



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