Chinese Language and Shaolin Temple Experience

Chinese Language and Shaolin Temple Experience


In July 2015, MY Chinese Study, launches the Chinese Language & Shaolin Temple Experience program, combining the best language study program with a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience life, kungfu and culture inside the Shaolin Temple.

This unique program has been especially designed for anyone interested in Chinese language and culture, as well as for those who have dreamed of learning more about true Shaolin life through personal experience, instead of from books or kungfu movies.

Everyone is welcome to join this program - no previous experience in Chinese language or Martial Arts is necessary!

Through this program, you can begin to gain insight into China and Chinese culture, and develop a greater understanding of Shaolin life and martial arts, in a way even few Chinese people see.

Program highlights:

Master survival Chinese within 10 days!

Study Kungfu inside the actual Shaolin Temple with genuine Shaolin warrior monks.

All-inclusive (accommodation, transportation, meals, training and a complimentary training outfit when you arrive at the Temple)

Chinese-speaking expat guide

Unique opportunity to practice the Chinese you learn in an immersive environment

Sightseeing tour to the scenic area around Shaolin Temple

Safety is always our first concern

What is included in this Chinese Language & Shaolin Temple Experience program?

1.2 weeks (60 hours) intensive Mandarin study in Beijing

2.10 days inside the genuine Shaolin Temple, learning kungfu from a real Shaolin warrior monk, as well as daily Taichi, Qigong and meditation practice.

3.A Chinese-speaking expat guide with martial arts experience, who will accompany you from Beijing to the Temple, and assist with your daily life and classes

4.The complimentary Chinese textbook and Shaolin Temple training outfit

5.25 days accommodation (throughout the whole program)

6.All transportation fees between Beijing and Shaolin Temple

7.3 set meals (Chinese food) a day during the 10 days Shaolin Temple Experience

2015 start dates: Aug. 24th, Sep. 23rd

Registration Deadline: Aug. 10th, Sep. 7th

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Address: Rm.3-323, Retail 3, Sanlitun SOHO, 8 GongTiBeiLu, Chaoyang (Sanlitun SOHO opposite Sanlitun Taikooli & Yashow, Tuanjiehu Station, Subway Line 10)



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