June 13 – 4th Beijing Environment and Healthy Life

June 13 – 4th Beijing Environment and Healthy Life


The days of concern for and about the environment being limited to tree-hugging hippies is long past.

There is an ever growing demand for green products in China and new companies are regularly being formed in order to serve the ever growing need of this market.

This Fair brings together Environment Protection and Protection from the environment. Things we, as individuals, can do and consume to lead a healthier and saver lifestyle and what we can do to improve the environmental quality of life.

The Beijing Environment and Healthy Lifestyle Fair was created with the purpose of bringing the whole community together and showing the variety of options available to lead a healthier and more conscious lifestyle.

Date: Saturday 13 June

Time: 10:00 – 17:00

Venue: Hilton Beijing (Liangma Qiao)

Price:Entrance is free for everyone.



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