Borderless presents

Borderless presents


Borderless Presents

3 Bands: The new, the China, the Foreign.
Sealed Jar, Pacalolo, Disaster Chat.

Borderless is a Beijing based music label set up with the vision of bringing local and international acts together. Our first gig will take place on the 06/06 featuring 3 live bands.

Sealed Jar:
The two piece electronic band brings together smooth vocals, and lyrics that we can all relate to. As the name suggest, their music focusses on the frustrations and tention that life creates. The ambient-based indie pop songwriting duo are making themselves know in the Beijing music scene. Expect to be hearing a lot more from them. Catch them on their way up!

The Chinese band Pacalolo offers a different element of music, while keeping the same ideals about life. Freedom. Their music will run through your body, giving energy, life, and freedom to the crowd. Mar leads the way with her energetic stage presence and entrancing vocals. The Electronic Rock with a twist of 8bit will leave you hooked.

Disaster chat:
The foriegn element in the first Borderless instalment. The Beijing based band brings us a mix. Half American, half British. A little Rock, a little Pop. The four members do what they want. They make music. They make it well. Their first EP is due for release any day. Grab it while its hot off the press.

30rmb / door
30rmb / presale - including a free beer on the night

Tickets are available at: Hot Cat Club 热力猫俱乐部, Indie Record Store 独音唱片, Geda Vintage 鸽子的店, West House 名胜酒店, The Other Place

Join us for a night of good music, good vibes and good times at Hot Cat Club, Fangjia hutong.



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