May 29 : Michael @ Salud Nlgx

May 29 : Michael @ Salud Nlgx


Michael是一名伯克利音乐学院主修表演和创作的双专业学生。他比较擅长流行和民谣歌曲的弹唱,曾参加过伯克利音乐学院春晚以及波士顿华人协会的演出!回到北京,迫不及待要开唱!在老伍酒吧会为大家带来以Ed Sheeran和Jason Mraz的作品为主的一系列歌曲!

Michael is a student from Berkeley music college school, USA, majored in acting and creating. He is good at playing pop and folk songs. He has attended the performance of the gala of Berkeley music college school and also the association of Chinese in Boston. He can’t wait to start sing as soon as he is back to Beijing. He will bring you the songs of Ed Sheeran and Jason Mraz and series of others.

66 nanluoguxiang Dongcheng District



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