Evening Farmers

Evening Farmers' Market with BBQ and Fresh-made Du


This Saturday will be the second weekend in a row that Farm to Neighbors will be hosting an evening mini-farmers’ market on the patio of Charcoal restaurant from 5pm to 8pm.

Charcoal restaurant will be roasting up an organically-grown whole hog from Yuangu Valley Farm to make delicious pulled-pork sandwiches. There will be fresh dumpling made on site with high quality farm-fresh ingredients and two stuffings will be available: eggs with squash and pork with chives. Yuangu Valley Farm will bring the pasture-raised meat and you can try cold-cut pork bellies with garlic sauce which is one of most famous Sichuan food in summer. Nancy of F&V Talking Farm with bring fresh cherry and all kinds of fruit jam to join evening famers’ market, too!

You also can find organically-grown vegetables, fruits, raw honey, traditional rice wine, traditional handmade tofu products with old variety soy beans, artisanal French cheese and more.

We look forward to seeing you at the evening market!

To learn more about Farm to Neighbors, please add us on Wechat: farm2neighbors or contact Erica@ 18600116714

TIME: Saturday, May 30th from 5PM - 8PM
WHERE: Charcoal Restaurant,
West end of Qingyuan Sanjie, Houshayu



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