Cooking Class: Zhá Jiàng Miàn

Cooking Class: Zhá Jiàng Miàn


What dish is Beijing famous for? Beijing duck you say? I hear you, but if this is the only dish that comes to your mind you must without a doubt attend our Zha Jiang Mian cooking class.

These authentic Beijing noodles are mixed with a soy bean paste and fried with a selection of shredded vegetables; it’s the easiest thing to whip up for yourself, or to impress your friends!

On top of learning some valuable kitchen vocabulary and traditional Beijing cooking, you will be surrounded by other food lovers and might make a few cooking buddies! One way or another, you will come away knowing that you have become a little bit more of a Beijinger and your taste buds will definitely be given a treat!

100 RMB or free with wechat voucher just add our account thatsmandarinschool
contact marketing@thatsmandarin for more details or to book your place :)



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