April 29: Violette and the hunters@Salud Nlgx

April 29: Violette and the hunters@Salud Nlgx


From duo to quintet and more, Violette is revisiting the top 40.

Raised since childhood with music and sounds of Gospel, rhythm & blues, Jazz and pop, Violette truly sings with her heart and soul.

Playing now with the Hunters (Marco, Kun, Syl, Fabrice) she is following her path as becoming a serious frontman and definitely an international reference.

Violette and the Hunters, music with heart, music with groove, music with faith and a dream above it.

429 Violette 与猎人@ 老伍酒吧南锣鼓巷



现在的她和猎人乐团一起表演(Marco, Kun, Syl, Fabrice),她正在跟随着她的变成严肃的前线音乐人道路上走着,并且终将成为国际典范。


66 Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng District, Beijing



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