April 15: Sin Tonic @Salud Nlgx

April 15: Sin Tonic @Salud Nlgx


Sin Tonic is a duo featuring Ophelia on vocals and Alex on acoustic guitar. They have blended their different musical influences to offer you a delightful cocktail of bossa nova classics, French songs, blues and jazz tunes, with a hint of soul. For Ophelia, everything started with classical music. As a kid, she first learned singing with people from a lyrical background, but later on, strongly influenced by artists such as Stan Getz, Sade, Marvin Gaye and Erykah Badu, she eventually stepped into chill-out music. She now makes her debut on the vibrant Pekinese scene along with Alex. This atypical French gentleman has been touring China with several local artists and rose to fame with heavy rock band Devils at the Crossroad, appearing at major festivals, leading the band to receive the honourable mention award of Best Local Band 2014 from City Weekend. Swapping his raging guitar, he shares his passion for the blues and bossa nova, influenced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Baden Powell. Tempted by a new and refreshing experience.

415日 原罪活力@老伍酒吧南锣鼓巷

原罪活力乐队是有一个由奥菲利主唱阿莱克斯弹奏吉他的特色二重唱。 他们在经典的波萨诺瓦爵士中勾兑了不同的音乐元素,为你调制一杯让人愉悦的鸡尾酒,其中包含法国歌曲,蓝调和爵士曲,伴随一种灵魂上的暗示。对于奥菲利来说,所有的事情都是来源于经典乐。当她还是孩子的时候,她第一次向别人学唱歌是通过歌词背景学会的。但是之后由于深受艺术家Stan Getz,Sade, Marvin Gaye 和Erykah Badu的影响,她最终步入演唱轻松音乐的范畴。她现在与阿莱克斯一起在充满活力的北京之景中创造起始。 这位典型的法国绅士已经与很多当地艺术家在中国巡演无数,并与像路口恶魔重金属此类乐队一起赢得了一定的声誉。他们在各个主流音乐节中登台亮相,带领乐队赢得了2014年城市周刊杂志最佳当地乐队颁奖的荣誉提名。从他对吉他的狂热当中,他也在对Jimi Hendrix和Baden Powell喜爱的同时向大家分享他对蓝调和波萨诺瓦的热情,并被新的和令人振奋的经验所鼓舞着。

66 Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng District, Beijing



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