A wonderful hiking (only 80 kuai, which is 400 by

A wonderful hiking (only 80 kuai, which is 400 by


a hike and cultural exchange

------Bruce and His Friends


“Bruce and His Friends” is a self-organized student club working on a life service platform, including intercultural communication, well-designed traveling, hiking activities, car-renting and so on. Meanwhile, Bruce and His Friends will also focus on the construction of the Chinese and foreign students cultural exchange platform, the best foreign language resources of Beijing will be introduced into the rural areas of China by Bruce and His Friends. Our club not only wants to improve local students' English learning environment, but also provides the foreign students with all sorts of hiking ,camping and traveling in both Beijing and other provinces of China, and leads the foreign learners to experience the most primitive and simple local culture, gives them a deeper understanding of the traditional culture of China.


Bruce and His Friends是一个学生组织的文化交流团体,旨在为生活在北京地区的国际学生提供一个更有趣的生活服务平台。Bruce and His Friends将致力于中外学生文化交流平台的搭建,将京城最好的外语资源引入我国中小型城市,带领国外留学生们走进中国深处,既改善了当地学生的英语学习环境,也让国外学生们感受到了当地最淳朴的乡土人情,让他们更加深入的了解中国的传统文化,最终带领我们偏远山区的学生们,迈出国门,走向世界。

The upcoming Hike and tour

Hiking on september 20th, Sunday

Destination: Gubeikou Great Wall(wild, collapsed) 130 km to Wudaokou (2.5 hours on bus-ride)

Cost 80(private bus renting-split up and entrance fee)

More detailed about the trip please check on our Wechat official account or be free to
contact Bruce:13220125854 Wechat:lixiaopeng2858

Bruce and His Friends is not an traveling agency, these activities are aimed to create a opportunity for Chinese and Foreigners to make friends in Hiking and Camping.The price of our trip would be the 1/5 of the common Hiking trip agency with English speaking guides.

Bruce, an geology majored students in China University of Geosciences working on this program to enhance the communication between people from different country.

More hiking and camping is coming to us , please pay attention to our official account.


if you are interested, please book a seat through our We-chat official account.

How to book a seat:

Tel: 13220125854 Bruce

E-mail: suede.hiking@foxmail.com Suede

We-Chat Public Number: Hiking-Bruce

QQ Community: 119388876

Scan this QR code by We-Chat to get more information about those free traveling and this club



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