The Drop + Disobedience ft. Bounce girls Veeeky

The Drop + Disobedience ft. Bounce girls Veeeky

Hosted by: BB Deng


Event Description

4/26, 来自台北Bounce Girls团队的Veeeky将担任The Drop + Disobedience在灯笼俱乐部派对的特邀DJ, 当晚,国内指名DJ Howie Lee, 法国DJ Oshi和另一名台北女DJ BB Deng将共同大力助阵,敬请期待! (当晚的音乐风格将围绕在UKHouse, Tribal, FutureGarage, DeepHouse) The Drop x Disobedience (SPECIAL // UKHouse, Tribal, FutureGarage, DeepHouse...) Guest: VEEEKY (TW) The Drop and Disobedience Movement join forces to unleash the bass at Lantern on April 26. Criss-crossing genres from future garage to tribal and deep house, this edition features VEEEKY, co-founder of Taipei’s Bounce Girlz, and BB Deng, the infamous she-jay behind Disobedience Movement, sharing the decks with Beijing bass bigwigs HOWIE LEE and OSHI. Get ready for the Drop.



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