BLACK VA & C60 [Free Entry]

BLACK VA & C60 [Free Entry]



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Black VA Group was found by 4 senior musicians at June 2011.
They create a wonder world with novel sound & mockery style lyrics. Their songs are full of imagination, is about what they think & feel of present social.
Their music arrangement is based by the rhythm of drums & percussion, which are made of industrial material including steel board, spring, PVC pipe & iron chains. They create this unique arrangement also involve in the vigorous bass groove and prissy guitar riff & melody, and mixed with synthesizer generate original instrument sound.
The music style is varied, which is fusion of art rock, blues, funk, Beijing opera, electronic, new wave, psychedelic rock, industrial, post rock & progressive rock style. With beautiful & strange melody, interesting lyrics, they create the cutting-edge music.
Vocal: Qi Bin
Guitar: Tian Peng
Percussion: Han Yaqiang
Drums: Xu Hang
Video Link:

Vocal: JAMIE(British)
Bass: Dominic(Canadian)
Guitar: Jose(Canadian)
Drum: Jonathan(American)
Much like the derivation of the band’s name - which for any readers who are too young to know is the cassette tape, a little plastic box containing tape which magically had music recorded onto it WITHOUT a f**king laptop or tablet – C-60 stem from a time where musical perfection was not the be all and end all. The most important aspect of music to them has always been passionate and powerful live performances. Sure, like their old amigo the tape cassette, there are sometimes flaws, but if you store it in the right conditions, like C-60 it can last forever!
Be formed in 2005.
Combining razor-wire (guitar) riffs and ebullient vocals, C60's swaggering performances have seen them enthralling fans and venues all across Beijing for the best part of a decade. The indie, Britpop, post-punk influences upon which the band draw, give them a sound both at once utterly recognizable, and yet at the same time one which sees them standing memorably alone in an otherwise crowded music scene. C60 are a band you don’t forget in a hurry.

Temple Address:
202, Bldg B, 206 Gulou Dong Dajie鼓楼东大街206号B楼202

Phone: 134-2607-0554





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