April 29: Free no Cover networking evening

April 29: Free no Cover networking evening

Hosted by: Colin Friedman


Event Description

April has five Tuesdays and to celebrate both the fact that it is a five Tuesday month and the fact that the May Day holiday is only a few days away we are organising this special 5 networking event in Beijing.
1. Free entrance.
2. No cover charge.
3. New venue – Red Moon Cafe.
4. Special drink and food prices.
5. Featured guest.
The featured guest is Nicole Bernard, President China Region Clavis Technology.
Nicole is also a highly trained professional athlete and was the US National Women’s Soccer Team’s Goalkeeper.
Nicole sees a strong correlation between being a professional athlete and being a successful business person. Nicole’s topic is “Goalkeeping in the Middle Kingdom” – How her career as a professional athlete influenced her insights as a China business professional.
The Red Moon Cafe offers drinks at reasonable prices (e.g. glass of wine for 30RMB) and if you fancy something to eat before the event they have an excellent fair priced menu (see below for sample menu).
Date: Tuesday 29 April 7:30pm
Venue: Red Moon Cafe.
Address: 1 Floor, Beijing Development Plaza, 5 North Road of East Third Ring, Chaoyang District
Nearest Subway: Liangma Qiao (Exit A) It is the building next to the Westin Chaoyang.
PLEASE RSVP by WeChat/Text message to 13911098002, by email to info@fcgroup.org or on-line so that we can tell the Red Moon Cafe how many people to expect.
Special Promotion:
Pay 600RMB and get entrance for one person to 6 events and a free Best of Beijing Discount Card
The menu includes:
* 生魚定食 – Sashimi Meal,
* 夀司定食 – Sushi Meal,
* 什錦生魚片蓋飯 -Assorted Sashimi Donburi,
* 烤鰻魚蓋飯 – Roast Eel Donburi,
* 鐡板菲力牛排 – Iron Fillet Steak,
* 鐡板牛仔骨 – Iron Cowboy Bone,
* 鐡板三文魚 – Iron Salmon,
* 牛肉炒飯 – Beef Fried Rice,
* 辣白菜炒飯 – Spicy Cabbage Fried Rice,
* 牛肉炒蔬菜 – Beef Fried Vegetable,
* 蒜片炒牛肉 – Flake Garlic Fried Beef,
* 碳烤青花魚 – Charcoal Grilled Mackerel,
* 碳烤秋刀魚 – Charcoal Grilled Saury,
* 碳烤雞肉 – Charcoal Grilled Chicken,
* 炸豬排滑蛋蓋飯 – Fried Steak and Scrambled Egg Donburi,
* 雞肉滑蛋蓋飯 – Chicken and Scrambled Egg Donburi,
* 大蝦天婦羅蓋飯 – Lobster Tempura Donburi,
* 日式咖喱飯 – Japanese Curry Rice,
* 日式蛋包飯 – Omurice,
* 天婦羅烏冬面 – Tempura Udon Noodles,
* 天婦羅蕎麥面 – Tempura Soba Noodles,
* 牛肉烏冬面 – Beef Udon Noodles,
* 牛肉蕎麥面 – Beef Soba Noodles.
If you’d like to be a featured guest at one of our future events, please contact Colin at colin@fcgroup.org. The featured guest status provides an opportunity to promote yourself, your product and/ or your company.



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