Bunker Party Vol. 3

Bunker Party Vol. 3

Hosted by: Sebastian Nummelin


Event Description

Bunker Vol.3: TOXIC DECAY on April 4th Friday! Let's spill toxic waste at the Basement in Sanlitun with dress code_ post-apocalypse. There will be lasers, strobes, special effects and haze. Pre-sale tickets can be picked up from Cantina Agave for 100 rmb. Basement is located just next to Salsa Caribe & Kros Nest. For more information add me on wechat NUMMELIM or call 137 1607 9422

DJ Half/N/Half

来自洛杉矶的美女DJ带来无与伦比的“声色”盛宴 Yinmai O'Connor (Half/N/Half) is a Los Angeles based DJ, whose mixed heritage is reflected in her signature fusion of world music and electro house.

DJ Mike Hotten

DJ Mike Hotten spins the hottest underground tunes fresh imported from Germany. With more then 10 years club experience electronic music in his flesh and bones. Hypnotizing rhythm paired with powerful synth lines will take u on a electronic journey.


DJ MO’O, professional choreographer and dancer, he believes ones should feel and enjoy music deeply before sharing it to the crowds. Music consists in lots of emotions to be mixed gently, sweetly with a strict touch. Representing “Showtime Kingz”, DJ MO’O has been around the world since 2007, (Japan, France, US, Algeria, Switzerland, UK, …) Now he lives in China and tour all around Asia. Can’t wait to share a singular experience with you!


Originally from San Diego, California but educated in the clubs of Tokyo and New York. MRG’s style ranges from Deep House to Salsa. MRG has been playing around clubs in Beijing for the past 2 years and played at last month’s Sihui Bunker party. MRG relishes the chance bring his heaviest, darkest and most dangerous tracks for this month’s special Toxic Bunker



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