Misty Li River

Misty Li River

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The Li River passes by some of the most beautiful landscape on earth. It is like an ancient Chinese landscape painting come to life as you slowly cruise by bamboo groves, ancient villages, fishermen on bamboo rafts, and locals washing their laundry in the river. It is a very special experience. The karst mountains that line the river are very unique and many of them have been formed by millennia into different shapes. Many of them are named and are surrounded by interesting legends. Below are a few of the more famous formations.

Take a cruise from Guilin down to Yangshuo and enjoy the great scenery in 5 hours' journey. In spring time, it is great that one can see the beautiful scenery covered with mist, which looks totally amazing. More information at www.accesschinatravel.com, or just contact us at 773-3821303. 

Below are some misty river views in early March:



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